She had been unable to get further back than her ancestor John Polding's
marriage -
his birth certificate of c.1852 not having been found.
His marriage certificate stated as here:-

JOHN POLDING married ELIZABETH READ - 1876 - St.Pancras Parish Church
John is 24 years, a Carman and son of John Polding-deceased
Address given was 93 Whitfield Street, St.Pancras

Witnessed by: Charles Jackson
(a Charles Jackson had married my Mary Polding)


Alfred John Polding born 1878 at 17 Devonshire Place, Chiswick
William Henry Polding (1880-1885) Chiswick - certs. not applied for.
Frederick George Polding (1882-1885) Chiswick - certs. not applied for.
Arthur Ernest Polding born 1886 Chiswick / married /descendents

Alfred John Polding born 1878 married Clara Parker and they had six children,
their eldest Alfred Polding born 1904 married Lottie Feeley in 1929 in
Barnsley and were the grandparents of my correspondent. The other five
children of Alfred and Clara were all girls so no further Poldings there.

Towards the end of 2000 I received a letter from another Polding searcher. We
discovered we were both interested in the Chiswick Poldings. She had been
collecting everything she could about them (even visiting my grandparents
grave) feeling sure that her line was connected in some way to the Chiswick
family she had unravelled but been unable to find a connection. There had
been the odd entry in the B.M.D certificates index's for the Brentford district
that I had not sent for as they did not seem to fit with what I knew. It was these
entries that turned out to be part of her ancestry. They were so few in number
as her family had migrated northwards and the follow on entries from their
migration looked as if they were a part of the Lancashire Poldings.

We exchanged information and tried to work out how the families could be
connected and started to find a co-incidence in addesses in various certificates
and in the census.

My grateful thanks go to both Bob and Anne for all their enthusiasm and help, and
for sharing their information so that we could tie all three trees into one.
St. John the Baptist, Harlow
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